Locked and Upright Position

Oh yeah, this is a good one. As you may or may not know, Brazil is in a bit of a spat with the US over the fingerprinting and photographing of its citizens when entering the US. In retaliation, Brazil is now doing the same to US citizens entering Brazil. So far, so good.

An American Airlines pilot entering Brazil, ahem, flipped the bird to the customs agent taking his picture in Sao Paulo airport. 10 other crew members from the flight were refused entry. From an AA spokesperson:

“The company apologizes to the Brazilian government, the airport authorities, the police, or anyone else who perceived anything they believed to have been disrespectful,” the airline said in a statement. “The captain and other crew members certainly meant no disrespect…”

Well, actually, the pilot DID mean disrespect. That’s why you flip someone off.

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