America West recap

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I listened to a bit of the America West earnings call today and let me say they are quite impressive. In terms of pricing, there is no one smarter than they are (JetBlue is as smart, as is Southwest). Their turnaround, based mainly on lowering coach fares for biz travelers and refusing to sell ultra-cheap tickets (as well as cost cutting) has been very successful. Two things from the call:

The CEO was asked what he thought about TED. His response: he said he’d love to compete head-to-head with an airline offering the same fares and no first class. (he also noted that they don’t compete head-to-head on many routes).

Secondly, I believe it was Scott Kirby, their pricing genius, who was asked about American, Delta and United’s “fly two get one” promotion. He called it, “frankly absurd” and noted (as I have) that there will be a customer service nightmare when everyone tries to get tickets to Europe in July. He also said that they figured that in many cases those airlines will essentially be paying people to fly them. He said America West has seen no impact from those promotions on their transcon routes. Crazy.

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