Today on Iron Chef: Legroom Battle

Uncategorized January 28 2004 0 Comments

A Reuters articletoday says that the major carriers are in a “legroom battle” now that United has announced it will expand its 36″ legroom Economy Plus section to its entire fleet. Now, if you’re an infrequent United flier like myself, you are probably thinking to yourself, “Didn’t they already have Economy Plus on their whole fleet?” The answer, you now know, is no, they didn’t have it on their whole fleet. Which leads to they point I’ve only made about a billion times is that the most frustrating part of the flying experience for frequent travelers is that you never know what you’re going to get (much like Forrest Gump’s annoying box of cho-co-lates). Is there food? On AA, are you on a plane with good legroom or bad? Is there first class? Is there a movie? Is there first class and business class, or just one, or neither? Anyhoo, United will now have Economy Plus in their whole fleet. Unlike AA, though, the added leg room is only on a couple of rows and is held back for frequent travelers.

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