Taking a WIZZ and So Forth

Uncategorized January 29 2004 0 Comments

Cheap joke, and I apologize…WIZZ Air, a new low cost carrier in Central Europe has chosen Airbus as its aircraft supplier. I only mention it here because WIZZ is an awesome name for an airline.

My Conservation of Airline Theory continues to hold (no new airlines are ever created, they are just shifted around the universe) as Irish carrier Jetmagic went bankrupt, stranding 400 folks overseas.

And finally for the morning, US Airways has some good news for frequent fliers, as they have improved their upgrade policy for silver and gold Dividend Miles members. Status-holding frequent fliers now receive unlimited upgrades (just like Continental and Northwest). Assuming US Airways doesn’t sell everything they own (entirely possible), this is a welcome piece of news for US Airways loyalists.

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