Equitorial Guinea, United, and Gandalf

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United Airlines announced a new aircraft livery for its fleet yesterday. A spokesman said the change was made to “extend a confident, bold new look to United’s products and services.” I think getting out of bankruptcy would also be bold and confident, but that’s just me.

Italy’s fantastically named regional carrier Gandalf has filed for bankruptcy.

In fare news:

—Iberia is currently running an amazing sale (then click on the ‘offers’ at the bottom of the page) to Africa from New York (it’s been going on for a little while, but somehow I missed it). Through March you can fly round trip from NYC to South Africa for $485. Really. Even more incredibly, if utterly worthless, is the $485 r/t fare from New York to Malabo, Equitorial Guinea. Seriously. Even the Lonely Planet says there’s nothing to do there (which may be all the more reason to go there). in any case, that is an unheard of price for an unheard of place.

–Korean Air has a $330 round trip fare from LA to Tokyo.

–And finally, EuropeByAir (which has a $99 per-leg flight pass throughout Europe, has added a couple of new airlines to its line up of obscure carriers you’ve never heard of. Portugalia?

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