El Al’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Security Tactics

Uncategorized March 15 2004 0 Comments

Is it just me or has there been really no good airline news at all lately? I can’t find anything good.

Even so, I thought you might like to know that an El Al passenger found a gun in his suitcase after taking an El Al flight. Turns out that El Al security will sometimes place fake guns in passengers’ luggage to see if its security team will spot them. Apparently, the security team did not spot it. El Al, meanwhile, won’t discuss their security tactics.

My friends will often ask me if certain airlines are safe to fly on and I always respond that if an airline is flying in the US, it is absolutely safe to fly on. While I stand by that, China Airlines (which is actually Taiwan’s flag carrier) has shown a miserable record of safety, a fact backed up by a report on the 2002 crash of a China Airlines plane near Taiwan. Turns out that the investigators found 29 instances of missed or delayed inspections on the Boeing 747, a fact that led directly to the airline’s 4th fatal accident since 1994. Given the number of flights each day, China Airlines is absolutely safe. However, a consistent record missed maintenance is enough to make me re-think my choice of carrier over the Pacific.

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