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Delta…and the Funky Urinal

Mar 19th, 2004 | By

In what I hope is a preview of changes to come, Delta has introduced a simplified fare structure for intra-Florida flights. Gone is the labrynthine matrix of fares to get you from Tallahassee to West Palm Beach. Floridians will now enjoy a 4-fare system, with a 7-day advanced purchase, a 3-day, and a refundable and non-refundable walk-up fare. No minimum stay is required, and fares are reasonable: Orlando to West Palm Beach fares range from $60 each way to $120 each way (a nice model for how fares should probably be set, though on transcon flights, the market would likely absorb a full fare that was 3-4 times as high as the lowest fare, as JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier and others do).

I saw an article yesterday (sorry, no link, I can’t remember where it was) that said that United’s TED had a strong 80something percent load factor and used this number as a sign of the airline’s success. One thing to remember: people were already flying those routes, and, not surprisingly, United has not announced what the old load factors used to be. Nor have they noted what the yields are under TED compared with under United. Just something to keep in mind.

And finally, Virgin has introduced a urinal in the shape of a mouth for its lounge at JFK. See photos here. Only in New York, kiddies, only in New York.

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