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A couple of updates for you on stories I mentioned last week.

Alas, Virgin has decided not to install the urinals shaped like a woman’s mouth in their new lounge at JFK. The National Organization for Women complained that the urinals were sexist (Virgin did point out that the urinals were conceived and designed by women, to no avail). Says a NOW spokesperson: “We hope that they do not intend to put these degrading fixtures in countries where women are less likely to stand up for themselves.” Look for the urinals in the Virgin departure lounge in Lagos next week.

I also mentioned the 727 found chock full of mercenaries in Harare, Zimbabwe a couple of weeks ago. The NY Times has an update to the story. Turns out that it is quite likely the mercenaries were headed for Equitorial Guinea to overthrow the government. There are many odd twists to the story, not the least of which is that the main opposition leader accuses the president of the country of being a cannibal. According to the article:

Mr. Moto (the opposition leader) makes no secret of his hatred of President Obiang: on Spanish radio this month, he called him a demon who “systematically eats his political rivals.”

“He has just devoured a police commissioner. I say `devoured,’ as this commissioner was buried without his testicles and brain,” he said, adding that Mr. Obiang hungered for his body parts as well.


Several airlines that had applied for loans from the government are now having their records subpoenaed. The investigation is looking at whether the head of the loan board received gifts from the airlines.

And finally, those of you who fly Spirit Airlines and are tired of flying on miserable old MD-80s will be happy to know that Spirit has ordered a bunch of new A320s for your flying pleasure.

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