Midwest…And a Hijacking

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The Chicago Tribune re-examines Midwest Airlines (formerly Midwest Express), which dropped many of its frills to become a lower cost carrier. Gone are the wide seats and shrimp scampi—but the warm chocolate chip cookies are still there. Here’s the most interesting tidbit for you: the airline was founded by paper company Kimberly-Clarke, which was frustrated with service to its home airport of Milwaukee.

The concorde will float down the Thames river on April 6th on its way to Scotland. If you’re in London, that should make for quite a sight.

Two Iranians who hijacked a plane to Oslo in 1993 have been told by Norway’s government that they can remain in Norway because it would be too dangerous for them to return to Iran. Yes, you read that correctly.

And finally, the NY Times has an incredibly inane article about how wealthy people are choosing to fly JetBlue. Any article that quotes so-called “trend watcher” and master of the obvious Faith Popcorn loses all credibility. She is quoted saying, “Flying JetBlue isn’t just about taking a trip, it has actually become something fun to do.” No it hasn’t. It’s about going someplace. Just because your doctor’s office has cable TV in the waiting room doesn’t mean that getting a colon screening has actually become something fun to do. I hate her.

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  1. Steve says:

    Cousin dating is, is not okay

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    Today was a loss. I just don’t have anything to say. Not that it matters.

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