US Airways Fare News

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I just saw US Airways’ announcement of its new GoFares program. In short, fares start at $29 and cap at $499 each way and a Saturday night stay is not required. Wow, I thought, that is amazing. They’re actually overhauling their fare structure, as America West did, because they realize that they’ll never survive without it.

Then I read the rest of the release. And here’s the real story:
For now, US Airways is ONLY introducing this program in Philadelphia, and only to cities where they have to compete with Southwest. Other cities served from Philly will continue with the current fare structure. Which is interesting, considering these comments from a US Airways exec:

“We have heard our customers loudly and clearly. They have told us that fares are too high, too complicated, and that we need to do something about that — and we are…”

Whoa…hold the phone. What about customers who fly from Philadelphia to Charlotte, who will continue to pay $1000 round trip? Did you hear them loud and clearly? I will give them a bit of credit…the old fare structure was not that complicated. It was simple: We will take every single penny we can from you when we have no competition. That’s why the old walk up fare to Phoenix was $2540 round trip. Simple, eh?

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