Get the Hell Out of Here

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It’s an awfully slow news day for a Friday, so I think I’ll pass on some great vacation deals that are floating around out there right now:

Through May 24th, Go-Today has a $579 Bangkok package departing from LA. The price includes air and 5 nights hotel. I took a similar package a few years ago for $599 and it only included 4 nights, so there ya go.

Gate1 Travel has a Memorial Day weekend package from NYC to London, including flight and hotel, for $449.

You can get 7 nights hotel and flight from several US cities (including Baltimore) to Costa Rica for, get this, $369. Price includes breakfast. Sure, it’ll be a bit rainy, but the price is right, no?

And finally, Icelandair’s Midweek Madness package is extended through June. For just $399 you get a flight from NYC, Boston, or Baltimore and 2 nights hotel in my favorite city, Reykjavik. Depart on Tuesdays from NYC. The hotel options aren’t centrally located, unfortunately, but they’re just a quick cab ride away from the cafes, colorful little houses, and insane nightlife of Reykjavik’s old city. I can yammer about Iceland for a while, so I’ll cut myself off here, but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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