Free tickets to Iceland

There was quite a buzz over at the FlyerTalk mileage run forums because was mistakenly selling tickets from JFK to Iceland for free. Yes, for free (well, about $60 with taxes) for June and July travel. Unfortunately for people looking to go to Iceland (that means you Julie Deeks), those deals are gone. Even more unfortunately for people looking to go to Iceland (that means you Julie Deeks), it looks like many cheap fares are gone because the planes will be filled with people who paid $0. No word yet on whether Icelandair or Cheap Tickets will honor the fare.

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  1. Dear IcelandAir and the Iceland Tourist Board:

    Please please please will you buy ME a ticket to visit your country too?

    I would consider it an honor and a privilege to accept your invitation to visit your scintilating country for FREE.

    Please email the editor of this blog for the address to which you should mail my FREE tickets.

    Thank you and God bless,
    Julie Deeks

  2. Dear Icelandair:
    I am a writer living in New York City who is very seriously in need of a helping hand in getting myself to my ex-girlfriend (who is Icelandic) wedding for August 25th (date of wedding). We met in the most curios manner, both needed a roommate, and we fell in love. While our romantic relationship ended some time ago Asta, I shall call her, has been asking me to visit her homeland for years and I quite simply do not have the funds required to get a roundtrip ticket for August 25th-August 30th. It is very important to both of us that I be there, as she has asked me to give a speech, read a poem about our deep committed friendship and love for one another, also to perform for her guests, and she even had her fiancee call me to ask if I had his blesing to propse to her. The love we have for one another is what enabled each of us to even know what true love is, and we are all the stronger for it. I do not want to miss her wedding and I have as yet never been to Iceland but for a stop-over when I took Icelandair back four years ago to get to Europe. I have been promising and promising but I am currently trying to get representation for my first novel and quite honestly am broke. I have no one to help me and I don’t want to miss this very important occasion for me to offer Asta my blessings in the way she has requested.
    If I wrote a wonderful travelogue about my time spent in your gorgeous country for your to reprint wherever you wish, detailing my time in Reykjavik to the Countryside, perhaps Icelandair would be interested in helping a poor (but very talented) writer who has been trying to properly visit your country ever since Asta and I met.
    My email is . I tried to get the $60 ticket and missed out. I even remember the stewardesses offering us artisans hand-made egg sculptures on the plane, so that you know i have actually spent the $700 some-odd dollars to fly the lilting laughter filled skies of Icelandair. I even liked the egg and ham breakfast!
    I would be happy to write an (advertising obviously) piece that could be published in your inflight magazine or in your online site. What could be better advtertising than a tarveller telling my story of reuniting with her first love in order to bless her wedding to another Icelander?
    My address is 253 N. 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, or you can send electronic round trip tickets, even for as short as August 25th-August 30th. It would mean the world to us both.
    Leah Zanoni

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