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Do you think that the Kuwaiti low fare market is going to explode? You’re not the only one. Kuwait’s first low-fare carrier, al-Jazeera Airways (no relation to the cable news network), had its IPO yesterday. The offering was well received, as there was 12 times more demand than there was shares available (I apologize for the tortured grammar in that sentence). The carrier, which has not yet begun flying, will offer fares at about 55% off current prices to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, and the other five countries in the Gulf Arab region.

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  1. It’s a geat aviation business potintial in the arab region which was not applicable before.
    From my vast experiance in aviation services i strongly recommend the irrection of a well structured airline setup to ensure services at the highest possible level despite the fact of all discounted fares as mentioned for this will ensure the continuety of the airline business which will be unique in the region to atract all market segments.
    Prompt operations scheduels and good services and fair types, ex (weekend fairs……etc)
    Note: try to avoid lackers experiance for cheap fairs from the U.K for flights accros the atlantic to the USA which was not implemented in a proper feasable operation which led to the collaps and seized and discontinued business.
    I wish you all the very best to achive all targeted plans.
    PLS do not hesitate to call for any assistance from my side.
    Many thanks, Mohamed Nader Abdel Moneim. (cairo)

  2. Sorry for insuitable participation from me ..
    That I have not a comment but I have a question Iam looking forward to have a reply..I heared that ALJAZEERA AIRWAYS has an opening in Egypt ..Is that true ??? If yes how could i apply to be one of its team in Egypt ????
    Thanks & Best Regards and will appreciate your repy and finally sorry again

    Lamis Qaraquish

  3. when you start the service for Pakistan, your service is good and cheeper i like your servise.
    its my comments and question.please reply


    pls. keep infromed me when you start new flights to COCHIN and keep informed the time shedules.

    I will be highly appreciate this.

    Also, please let know the arrangemnt for food on board.

    with regards,

  5. Sir, I would like to know the return fare from Mumbai to Kuwait the jorney is from 15/2/07 to 15/3/07 only I wanna know the details of Al – Jazeera flight

  6. Saju marottikudy pappu and Aishwarya saju

    we have return ticket from Kuwait to Cochin on 7th May 2007.We want to postpone the ticket to 30th May 2007. so please send the reply.Flight No.J9412.

  7. A bit of warning for travelers of jazeera Airways! I have not seen any airline so traveler unfriendly.Even if you are three and travelling on normal fare, you can’t have anything more than 60kg (3*20kg) in your checked in luggage. Not even 1 Kg extra. So get the luggage checked with a precision meter!!! One bigger headache, even handbag and camera bag is considered as cabin luggage and you can carry only one per person. Thank goodness we had no umbrellas with us!!! Anyway I decided never ever to travel by this cheap airline.

  8. Preethianilkumar

    Sir, I would like to know the fare from Kuwait to Mumbai the jorney is during end of December only I wanna know the details of Al – Jazeera flight

  9. fairs of the aljazeera’s airway from mumbai to kuwait



  11. dear sir, i would like to know the availablity of seats for AL-JAZEERA flights from bombay to
    kuwait for the month of september and the fares please. please i request you to mail me the

    thanking you yours sincerly

  12. I wish to know charges for two people for Mumbai to Kuwait one way trip on 6 sept.07.

  13. please can u inform me about mumbai to dubai al jazeera airlines fare on 2 or 3rd of september

  14. sir,
    i want to know abt the fare of aljazeera frm mumbai to kwait on 19/09/07 .and return also .
    is there any combine package of that?

  15. Mohameed Nooruddin

    Sir, I would like to know the far and availability of seats for 1 Adult,1 six year baby, 1 one year baby. Flying dates are 1 nov 07 from Bombay and 29 Jan 08 from Kuwait.Please give me info.

  16. Please let me know the seat availability and ticket fare for a oneway trip and also for a return trip to Kochi from Bahrain.Date of travel is 13th December for onward journey and 22nd December for the return journey. Please send me an e-mail in this regard.


  17. Sir, I would like to know the fare from Kuwait to Cochin. The jorney is during end of December only. I also want to know the details of Al – Jazeera flight.

  18. i would like to know return fare from mumbai to kuwait in al jazeera flights

  19. Pl. let me the flight/seat availabity on october 19, 2007
    Route : Kuwait/Trivandrum/Kochi and the fare

  20. daer friend,i want to know about ur airlince ku to dac from bangladesh dhaka,where is ur office.plz send for me ur al jazeera ofice in dhaka in banglash.

  21. let me know the fare of ur flight which is to kuwait.plz look into this matter and send me the minimum fare datials.journy date 16/12/2007 from delhi to kuwait at economy

  22. Hai
    could u cheek if u have vacent ticket in Al-jazeera.
    kuwait -to- cochin 3rd r 4th week december 2007 and return
    bombay -to- kuwait january 2nd week 2008 os pl
    As u wish on any date…

    Best regards

  23. Sir, I already booked my return Air ticket (Jazeera Airways) from Kuwait to Mumbai for January 31st 2008 to March 26th, 2008 through online using my cousin’s credit card. My question is “is it compulsory to show the credit card during travelling or is it just enough to show the Flight ticket copy. Please reply to me.
    Thanks & regards,
    Anil Lewis.

  24. let me know the avilability of tickets for 5th january 2008

  25. khan haider ali

    sir i ould like to know the return fare for the flight for kuwait to mumbai the journey would be in the end of november.Is a kind request to you.

  26. hello sir
    i want to know airfares of al-jazeera flight from mumbai to kuwait. whole detail about this month and next month.

    waiting for reply

  27. sir,
    i would like to know about the complete fare details from bahran to there any special package/offer? this month . n the adderess of aljazeera air line in bahrain.

  28. the airlines had a fantastic services. and i love travel, very sincere staff, just carry on

  29. Please give the availability of tickets on 23/12 till 26/12 to go to Kuwait from Bombay and the fares for a return ticket from Bombay to Kuwait ..Please reply urgently

  30. Please give the availability of tickets on 23/12 till 26/12 to go to Kuwait from Bombay and the fares for a return ticket from Bombay to Kuwait ..Please reply urgently

  31. Can you please lemme knw the airfares for the return ticket from Mumbai-Dubai durin first week of Jan. Reply ASAP.

  32. sir,
    I would like to know about the air fairs of nedumbassery to dubai on 25/01/2008

  33. can i have the air fare from kochi to dubai on 25 oct 2008

  34. can i have the air fare for mumbai to dubai for the month of december..?????

  35. sir,
    could you inform me by mail, the coming cheapest air fairs from Dubai to Kochi

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