AirTran Upgrades Its Rewards Program

AirTran, Uncategorized June 30 2004 0 Comments

AirTran announced changes to its frequent flier program, making it quite similar to Southwest’s program. Free tickets are based on the number of flights taken, with 32 flights in a single year leading to a free domestic ticket. The big news is that if you take 100 flights (50 round trips) in a 12 month period, you will receive a free coach ticket anywhere in the world. But, you’re saying to yourself right now, AirTran doesn’t fly anywhere good. There is the twist, my friend. AirTran will purchase your ticket to Botswana. Or wherever. Of course, if you fly 100 AirTran flights a year, do you really want a coach seat to Botswana? In any case, it’s an interesting twist.

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