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When Pigs Fly

Jul 20th, 2004 | By

I’m sure you’ve been wondering if pigs have ever flown from Billund, Denmark, to Zhengzhou, China. Well, wonder no more.

China Southern announced in a rather breathless press release that it flew 500 breeding pigs from Billund on a 747 freighter. Don’t worry, the release notes, the flight took place at night to avoid turning the cargo into honeybaked ham. There’s lots more—you’ll definitely want to check out the press release. Or not. You probably have better things to do. Or not—I mean, you’re reading this site, so perhaps you have time. It’s your call, really.

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  1. Re “Pig Flight”, each cage was checked for size and had water. What was the “pig pitch” and do you think each pig had more or less room than a passenger on a CO 757?

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