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EasyJet, Uncategorized August 31 2004 0 Comments

Since there is absolutely nothing going on this week (the press has successfully scared everyone the hell out of New York making it a perfect time to be here—if you avoid Madison Square Garden, you’ll have the whole city to yourself), I thought I’d share a couple of pieces of international news. (In case you were wondering, the US Airways pilots are still in negotiations with management–no doubt they’ll work something out).

For the second time in the past couple of months, EasyJet is pulling out of airports because of high fees. After leaving Zurich (“the most expensive airport in its network”), the carrier will no longer fly to Milan-Linate Airport or Copenhagen. Imagine that, pulling out of an airport because it’s no profitable to fly there. How innovative! In other news, the Baltic states continue to get closer to western Europe as EasyJet announces new service to Tallinn, Estonia, and Riga, Latvia. Geez, it was just, what, two years ago that those were exotic, hard-to-get-to places. I took a ferry there, for God’s sake.

Southeast Asian budget carrier Tiger Airways announced a crazy sale, offering 59 cent flights from Singapore to Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand.

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