Business Class Deals

A few business class deals to pass along this morning:

–American Airlines is lowering its regular business class fares from the US to much of Latin America on a permanent basis (permanent, yeah right). It’s more that it has everyday lower business class fares. A few samples: with a 2 week advance, r/t tix from NYC to San Juan are just $550; Dallas to Caracas is $950 or so. I can’t be bothered to play around on AA’s site to figure out other fares, but, in any case, they’re much lower than they used to be.

–Northwest has a sale on World Business Class fares this fall: roughly $1600 round trip from the west coast to Asia and $2000 round trip from the east coast to Asia, including new service to Guangzhou, China. Amazing, amazing deal.

–Continental has a sale from the US to Europe in business first over Thanksgiving: $1100 r/t from the east coast, $1250 from the west coast to most cities in Europe. Fantastic.

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