Low Fare Carrier to China?

Travel Weekly (reg req’d, unfortunately…at least it’s free) has an interesting little story about little-known North American Airlines’ request for the right to fly to China from Oakland.  Delta, AA, and Continental are fighting for the same rights and have begun public campaigns to win the authority.  North American, meanwhile, is just promising low fares (about $600 r/t in coach, about $2400 r/t in first…not too shabby).  North American Airlines is primarily a charter carrier, though they also offer scheduled service from JFK to Guyana (Guyana?).  Yes, Guyana.

Says the airline:

legacy carriers’ old-school analysis is that if passengers have to
carry their own bags between flights or check in twice, they are not
going to do
it, even if getting a little exercise at the airport might save a
family of four on a roundtrip to China $300, $400, $500 or more or save
a business-class traveler several thousand dollars…

Good point.

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