New International Low Fare Carrier to Launch

Ryanair, Uncategorized January 27 2005 0 Comments

The Department of Transportation has given approval to a new airline called SkyLink Airways to launch low fare international service from Baltimore.  The new company, launched by a former Midway Airlines executive, would like to launch 767 service from Baltimore to London-Stansted this summer, later expanding to as many as 15 other countries as diverse as Costa Rica and Slovakia.  The company says it will offer coach fares around $300 one way and business class fares at around $700 one way.

The airline faces any number of obstacles, not the least of which is, you’re probably already noting, airlines already offer fares lower than that most of the year to London.  And incumbent airlines fly to London airports that have easy connections to the city, unlike Stansted (though on the positive side, it will be easy to connect to Ryanair flights).  International flights tend to be profitable (though, of course, not always), so existing airlines will fight this new airline to the death.  A fare fight would good news for Baltimore-area international travelers, though.

More likely is that this airline will never launch.  They are still looking for $150 million and, as you may have heard, the industry is in a bit of a slump.

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