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US Sends BA Flight Back to London

British Airways, Uncategorized 13 January 2005 0 Comments

US officials told a New York-bound British Airways jet from London to turn around yesterday after discovering that one of the passengers was on the US No Fly List.  British authorities interviewed the passengers, a Moroccan, and, after determining he was indeed the man on the No Fly List, let him go.  (huh?)  In case you were wondering, passenger manifests are not compared to the No Fly List until after the flight has departed (huh?).

Atlanta to Cincinnati: $29 on Continental

Northwest Airlines, Uncategorized 13 January 2005 0 Comments

Perhaps the SkyTeam love affair is coming to an end.  Continental, clearly annoyed with Delta for its new pricing structure, quietly reduced its Atlanta to Cincinnati fares down to $29 each way (thanks, of course, to the guys at the Flyertalk board).  Northwest has had very quiet fare reductions to Delta’s hubs, including $49 one-way fares from Salt Lake City to a bunch of Florida airports.  If you’re flying out of Salt Lake City, Cincinnati or Atlanta, it’s worth checking the mileage run board on at Flyertalk to check out if similar deals are available.

Continental’s Business Class Sale to Europe

Uncategorized 12 January 2005 1 Comment

Continental has launched its (seemingly) annual BusinessFirst sale, with $1550 round trip fares from New York to Europe during the summer.  Keep in mind that regular business class tickets can cost upwards of $6000 round trip, so this is an amazing deal.  Less amazing than paying a coach fare, but if you’ve got the money this is a bargain.

Independence Air to Return Unused Planes

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Like a kids going returning unwanted toys after Christmas, Independence Air will return 20 planes it had been leasing to GE Commercial Aviation Services (the company that owns the planes).  GECAS will restructure other leases and offer the carrier a 5-year loan to help Independence Air get through some difficult times.  Separately, the carrier announced its first service out west, with daily nonstops to Las Vegas from Dulles beginning in March.

US Airways: Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

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US Airways needs cash to get through the slow winter months, so it’s turning to the only place where it can get money:  you and me.  The ailing carrier is working out a deal with the Air Transportation Stabilization Board to extend the terms of their financing.  To put that in English, US Airways wants to put off paying back their government loan.  By "government loan" I mean "the money all of us have loaned US Airways."  If you think it’s wrong to continue to prop up a failing business with US taxpayer dollars, call your congressperson.  Remember, every fare sale US Airways has, you are paying for.

Delta’s CEO: “We Had to Act”

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Delta’s CEO gave a speech yesterday where he defended the recent change in fare structure.  Nothing particularly new, though he said, "Half of Wall Street says that we’re the greatest geniuses that ever
walked…The other half says, `I’ve never seen such dumbos
running an airline before.’ In this industry, they could both be right."  He added that there are additional changes coming, but he did not elaborate.  Can you say "frequent flyer overhaul?"

Flying in China

Southwest Airlines, Uncategorized 11 January 2005 1 Comment

The NY Times has a mildly amusing article about what it’s like to fly domestically in China.  Turns out most people haven’t flown before and like to sing loudly while aboard.  Just like on a Southwest flight.

Good News If You’re Flying to Europe

British Airways, Uncategorized 11 January 2005 0 Comments

Two pieces of good news for anyone who was planning on flying in business class to Europe any time soon:

The WSJ notes that business class fares to Europe from the US have dropped significantly this winter because of the huge amount of capacity available (the same reason it costs $300 round trip in coach).  Travelers with a reasonable amount of money (ie, not me) can fly on Continental round trip to London in BusinessFirst for $1900.  Delta has LAX-Paris round trips for $2000.  The above fares require a 50-day advance purchase.  Delta has also significantly lowered fares to South America. 

Secondly, British Airways just launched a promotion where anyone flying business or first class to Europe from the US will receive a minimum of 50,000 miles per round trip.  Check out the link for details.

Delta to Cut Flight Attendants, Crew Meals

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The WSJ is reporting (no reg req’d) that Delta will eliminate one flight attendant from its 767s flying transoceanic, and one flight attendant from its 777s to Japan as part of its cost cutting measures.  The airline will also eliminate crew meals on domestic flights.  I think it’d be nice if you weren’t hungry to offer your meal to the staff, who work incredibly hard for next to nothing.  Did you really want that "chicken with pasta"?

Will Texas Pacific Buy United?

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The NY Times reports that a judge’s ruling on Friday rejecting United’s deal with its pilots union may have opened the door for bidders for the carrier.  Part of the deal with union had included a provision that basically forbade outside bidders from buying United.  When the judge struck down that provision as "inappropriate" it made a takeover considerably easier for potential suitors.  One of those suitors, the article notes, is Texas Pacific Group, which has a controlling stake in US Airways.  They are a glutton for punishment, it seems.