Hitler Hotel and Spa?

Uncategorized February 18 2005 2 Comments

Perhaps because of the success of The Producers, the Bavarian government has announced that it will open a luxury hotel and spa in a mansion once used as a mountain retreat by Hitler.  The hotel will be called the Intercontinental Resort Berchtesgaden, which does not evoke the fact that Hitler used to stay there.   No word on when the Hampton Inn Hussein will open.

2 Responses on “Hitler Hotel and Spa?”

  1. maxe says:

    For goodness sakes, what is the obsession with Hitler in the English speaking world? Move on, the Europeans have, the Spanish, French, Germans, and yes, even the Poles. As the German Foreign Mister said, if German youth wants to learn the goose step, they have to go to England, because nobody in Germany knows any more how it goes… The Continent won’t forget, but certainly isn’t obsessed with it in daily life. Democracy is living a better life than across the Pond. The US better watch themselves, because under the present Bush regime certain things are happening that seem awfully familiar. Conquer in order to bring freedom and democracy to the world? My foot…

  2. maxe says:

    P.S. The Bavarian government is not opening anything. They are not in the hotel business. They are very right wing, sort of Bushie, but that’s it. The hotel is a new building, a luxury place (new golf course – how American…), and it’s an Intercontinental, a British company. And the Brits are the worst with Hitler-fascination…

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