US Airways Eliminates Fort Lauderdale Flights

Southwest Airlines, Uncategorized February 28 2005 0 Comments

US Airways is (again) re-vamping its schedule, canceling a number of flights out of Philadelphia, Charlotte and, surprisingly, Fort Lauderdale.  In addition, the airline is returning 11 of its older 737 aircraft.  Basically, the airline is canceling flights where it competes heavily with Southwest (ie, Philly to Tampa, Buffalo and Norfolk, to name a few).  It’s also eliminating flights from Lauderdale to San Salvador and Panama City, service that just launched a few months ago (this is a shame, because they had been heavily discounting these cities).  US Airways is not doing well enought to ride out a slow roll-out of its Latin American service, hence the cancelations.  It also shows how incredibly vulnerable the airline is to competitors.  While it’s a good move for them to concentrate on markets where they can actually make money and not compete in ridiculous fare reductions, it’s a sign that it’s still touch-and-go over at US Airways.

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