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Continental to Fly Nonstop to New Delhi

Apr 7th, 2005 | By

Continental Airlines announced new nonstop service between Newark and New Delhi beginning October 31.  The flight on a Boeing 777 will take about 14 hours to get there and 16 hours to get back which, in case you were wondering, is a long time to sit in coach.   The interesting part (well, interesting to people like me, I suppose) is that this is the first nonstop service from the US to India.  People who travel to the region regularly will be thrilled to avoid the stop in London, Frankfurt, Doha, Kuwait City or wherever they end up having to stop.  I’m sure this will be a big success.  Slightly related, on one of the Continental message boards someone was suggesting that the previously announced new service to Lagos, Nigeria, from Newark won’t happen. 

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  1. It’s good that continental to fly to india but I think they should rethink the route. Being that continental is based in nj where there are more indians from the mumbai area, I think mumbai would make more sense, for indians that is. Othere wise if there are tourists flying, delhi is fine. I think mumbai would yield better, but good luck to continental.

  2. Also, Hyderabad would make sense from a business perspective as it is a IT/offshoring hotbed.

  3. Yeah I think it would be a good idea to start one flight to Hyderabad too.

  4. A bunch of people in my family took the Continental flight from EWR (Newark) to DEL (New Delhi) so I wanted to review it somewhere…

    My sister who sat in economy said that the seats were ok but they have the traditional amount of leg room (not very much) so she found it very crowded compared to other flights going to India.

    My father flew Continental Business/First from EWR to DEL. He said that the seats were comparable to other BUSINESS class flights to India, he said that the food was terrible and not as good as Lufthansa or Singapore airlines.

  5. I think that service to DEl is great. I really wonder if Continental plans to expand its route map into more sophisticated cities like Johannesburg, or Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Sydney, which they should by the way!

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