$5/night at the Sands Regency in Reno

(Thanks to Travelzoo for this heads up): 

Something called TripReservations.com is offering rooms at the Sands Regency in Reno for $5 per night Sun-Thurs through May 26th (that’s the Sands Regency, not the Sands).

I took advantage of a similar deal 2 years ago, staying at that hotel for $13 (upon checking in, they offered my wife and I a suite for $35, which I turned down because I thought that a $13 hotel room was a better story).  The hotel is perfectly functional and right downtown.  My wife said it best: "This room is worth at least $39." 

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  1. Greetings,
    Unfortunately the experience that we have had with song is very disappointing. The relationship that they maintain with customers is very wrong…………. example:
    We read the pricing policy that they have on the Internet in which they suggest that you purchase a ticket early and that the price would be lower. Based on the suggestion of the policy we purchased two round tickets to San Francisco for $673.80 confirmation number 5HSNUA. Talking to friends about the trip, I was told that they took us for a ride insisting that they will sell that same ticket for less as they have in the past. With that I checked again on line and found that indeed they now sell that exact ticket for $160 less than a few days ago.
    I called reservations to find that MR Mark Rich insist that they would not honor the new lower fare structure with out a penalty fee. I asked for Song to honor the lower fair because the Internet advertising was very misleading in pointing persons to buy early and save on the fare structure. If that is the strategy then the public is being taken as fools. Your article is old but the tactics are new…maybe Jet Blue is not such a bad place to be, or at least one will not have to be walking around with a lowered head feeling as if age has taken it’s toll on one.

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