New Low Cost Carrier to Launch in India

I haven’t written anything about the recent growth in lowcost carriers in India, so I will today because SpiceJet launches next week with fares starting at $2.30.  The carrier joins Air Deccan and Kingfisher in the lowfare world in India.  Kingfisher is a type of beer, and if you can imagine a Budweiser Airlines, then you get the point.

As many stories point out, the Indian railway system carries more people in a day than the airline system carries in a year, so there’s lots of room for growth over there.  In fact, only 19 million people flew in India, a remarkably low number considering a billion people live year. 

This is actually a huge story, because the market potential is so big, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it here.  I’m also remiss in not mentioning the other huge non-US story of the past year:  the incredibly growth of Middle Eastern airlines, including Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways.  If you haven’t heard much about these guys yet, you will soon, as they’re making European airlines realize that their own Europe-to-Asia flights have some serious competition.  Just something to keep an eye on this year…

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