United Flight Diverted

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A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was diverted to Boston after reports of 3 Pakistani passengers “acting suspciously.” The FBI questioned and released the men. No word on what was suspicious.

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  1. Theerasak Prasitratanaporn says:

    I won’t recommend anyone buying open ticket with united.
    I am loyalty customer for united, but now I change my mind. I booked the international open ticket from bkk to sjc and would like to book the ticket back on this December from 26 and so on. One of the representative, agent #98, from united said that I cannot book the ticket the whole December until January 15, 2005. This means I have to wait about one month. I don’t know why they have this policy, coz if they don’t really allow me to book the ticket like this, why don’t they just said that there are only few schedule available for this class. Then, I won’t buy it. This is my second time that they told me like this. They said I have to pay $75 more. To me, it is fine to pay for $75 but it is not going to be easy even though I decide to pay for it. The representative also said that I have only 3 days to pay for it, and the office only open between 3-7pm. They are forcing me to go to the airport within 3 days with limited office hours to pay for it otherwise they will cancel my flight. I am so disappointed that why they provide a very strict regulation for me like this even though this is not the first time I use united to fly. This is the worst after sale service I have ever seen. From now on, I won’t buy united ticket anymore, and won’t recommend anyone to buy open ticket from united. Be careful when you buy open ticket from united coz they will trick you after you have already paid your money like what did to me.

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