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American Airlines Cancels Flights on Fuel Cost Concerns

In case you were wondering how bad it gets when jet fuel costs skyrocket, American Airlines is cancelling 15 flights because of the fuel costs.  Echoing Northwest’s decision to cancel JFK-Tokyo, American will cancel is Chicago-Nagoya flights beginning at the end of the month.  Other cancelled routes include:

One roundtrip flight each day is also being canceled between DFW and
Atlanta; Denver; El Paso, Texas; Newark, N.J.; Washington Dulles;
Houston (Bush) Intercontinental; Kansas City, Mo.; Chicago O’Hare;
Toronto; Minneapolis-St. Paul; and Tulsa, Okla. Two round trips a day
between DFW and Austin, Texas, also are being canceled.

One round trip flight a day will be canceled from Chicago O’Hare to Houston (Bush) Intercontinental and Toronto.

AirTran: We Have Coke Zero!

Breaking News: AirTran has Coke Zero! AirTran has Coke Zero!

Cheap Package to Turkey

Via Travelzoo:  Octopus Travel has a crazy cheap five night package to Istanbul, Turkey, that includes airfare from NY or Boston and five nights hotel for $469.  Yes, it’s that cheap.  Cheaper than airfare alone.  Travel is good for Janujary, February and March.  Is it the high season?  Of course not.  But it’s better than being in Boston in February.  And hell, it’s cheaper than a round trip ticket on the Boston-NY shuttle* (*I may be exaggerating a bit there.  I’m on a slow connection in a hotel lobby, so I can’t check.  But you get my point.)

Business Class Specials to Europe and the US

Three pieces of business class travel news:

–British Airways is guaranteeing 50,000 frequent flyer miles for all transatlantic flights booked in business or first class (that’s Club World or First if you’re keeping score) through the rest of the year.  There’s no limit to how many bonuses you can get (which is nice if, for God knows what reason, you’re commuting to London).

–Icelandair is offering roundtrip business class (that’s Saga class, to you) flights from the US to Iceland for $1,059 round trip.  Flights to Europe start at $1,318 round trip, which is the cheapest business class ticket I’ve ever seen to Europe.  Before you get too excited, Icelandair’s business class is roughly on par with AirTran’s.

–Speaking of AirTran (whom I’m not knocking at all), they’ve got a business class sale from Atlanta right now.  Round trips in business class to the west coast are $498.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Northwest Flight Delayed 43 Hours

Have you been stuck on a delayed flight lately?  Were you annoyed?  Well, you got nothing compared to the poor schmucks flying on last Thursdays flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo.  The passengers endured a, get this, 43 hour delay because of crew and mechanical problems.  To add insult to injury, the normally nonstop flight had to stop in Anchorage to refuel.  Northwest gave passengers food & lodging, as well as $700 travel vouchers.  That wouldn’t make me feel any better.

Independence Air to Cut Service to 9 cities

In a cost cutting measure, Independence Air will eliminate service to 9 cities this fall, including service to JFK, Louisville, Cleveland, Stewart in upstate New York, and Indianapolis, as well as the 4 west coast cities it currently serves.  The carrier will shift its A320s to a new LaGuardia-Dulles route (as well as a few other routes).  In case you’re keeping score at home, this isn’t good.

America West & US Airways Announce Frequent Flyer Changes

US Airways announced changes to its Dividend Miles program in the wake of its merger with America West.  Some changes people aren’t thrilled about:  America West’s 15,000 mile short-haul award is gone, US Airways’ 20,000 mile award for Elite members appears to be gone, and gold elite members now only receive a 50% mileage bonus instead of 100%.  On the positive side. rewards no longer require a Saturday night stay.  Incidentally, US Airways put out a handy press release outlining some travel tips and info if you’re flying either airline in the coming weeks.


Hi all.  I’m in Latvia and Lithuania for the week, so postings will be sporadic (or not, I’m not sure.  If I have access, I’ll write).  We’ll talk when I get back.  Or while I’m there.

New Hawaiian Airline to Launch

The Mesa Air group (a company that operates regional carriers) is planning to launch a new airline flying between the Hawaiian islands sometime in 2006 to compete with Hawaiian and Aloha.  No word on the name of the carrier, but this is good news for travelers, as I’d expect fares between the islands to drop.

A320 Has Had Several Landing Gear Problems

The NY Times is reporting that Airbus A320 aircraft have had seven incidents where airplanes were forced to land with twisted front landing gear.  There is no word whether the incidents are related, though an Airbus-mandated fix of the problem has not solved the issue.