American Airlines Cancels Flights on Fuel Cost Concerns

Northwest Airlines, Uncategorized September 30 2005 0 Comments

In case you were wondering how bad it gets when jet fuel costs skyrocket, American Airlines is cancelling 15 flights because of the fuel costs.  Echoing Northwest’s decision to cancel JFK-Tokyo, American will cancel is Chicago-Nagoya flights beginning at the end of the month.  Other cancelled routes include:

One roundtrip flight each day is also being canceled between DFW and
Atlanta; Denver; El Paso, Texas; Newark, N.J.; Washington Dulles;
Houston (Bush) Intercontinental; Kansas City, Mo.; Chicago O’Hare;
Toronto; Minneapolis-St. Paul; and Tulsa, Okla. Two round trips a day
between DFW and Austin, Texas, also are being canceled.

One round trip flight a day will be canceled from Chicago O’Hare to Houston (Bush) Intercontinental and Toronto.

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