Northwest Considers Outsourcing Flight Attendants

Northwest Airlines, Uncategorized October 26 2005 3 Comments

Bankrupt Northwest Airlines is considering a plan to outsource many of its flight attendant positions, including the prized overseas routes coveted by attendants with high seniority.  The airline is seeking to replace American flight attendants on 75% of its trans-Atlantic routes, eliminate them entirely on its Indian routes, and drop them by half on intra-Asia flights.  The flight attendants would be replaced by locally-based workers who are, you have already guessed, paid much less.  If this move is made, it would put competitors at a significant disadvantage, and it would just be a matter of time before others make similar moves.  You can probably expect foreign pilots in the cockpit in a few years as well…

3 Responses on “Northwest Considers Outsourcing Flight Attendants”

  1. Nina Blank says:

    When might we expect these airlines to replace their high-priced CEOs, Boards of Directors, and other cash-intensive high-end-of-the-foodchain employees with local talent?

  2. Bruno says:

    Welcome to the global world !

  3. Janette Evans says:

    WOW, soon none of us will have jobs here in the U.S. Then who will be the consumer when we are all out of jobs and do not have the money to …comsume????

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