Delta Says: Bye Bye Song

Delta Air Lines, Uncategorized October 28 2005 2 Comments

Delta announced today that it is merging its Song service into its mainline Delta service.  Sort of.  It will eliminate the Song brand starting May of next year, add first class seats to its 48 Song aircraft, and integrate the Song amenities (on-board TV, MP3s, good snacks) into another 50something aircraft.  Delta will then deploy the Song-like service on all flights over 1750 miles.  What I’m confused about is how will they let people know that they’re on a Song-type aircraft?  And won’t they then end up with two very different experiences under the Delta brand?  And isn’t the best way to differentiate these two services through 2 brands?  I’m confused.

2 Responses on “Delta Says: Bye Bye Song”

  1. Rudayday says:

    This hurts.

    No more JFK to Las Vegas direct I bet.

    I liked Song a lot.

  2. Jared says:

    The routes that Song flies will stay with Song-like service—they’ll just put it under the Delta name. In fact, all transcons will now have Song-like amenities (legroom, TV, etc). This will actually help you out…though I bet you’ll still fly United PS transcon.

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