AirTran Gone from Expedia

AirTran, Uncategorized October 31 2005 0 Comments

I won’t bore you with the details of this, but AirTran tickets are no longer available on Expedia.  Because of a new agreement the carrier has signed with Cendant, which owns the Galileo distribution system and Orbitz, AirTran was either kicked off of Expedia or pulled its inventory off the online travel agency, depending on whom you believe.  It doesn’t really matter, other than the fact that you won’t be able to buy AirTran tickets on Expedia for now.  In any case, the move was made as a way to reduce distribution costs through 3rd parties.  I imagine they’ll be back on Expedia because every time there’s been a dispute between an airline and Expedia, they’ve kissed and made up.

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