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Man Boards Flight Without Ticket

I will admit my bias upfront:  I tend to think that many of the "security" measures as airports are a massive load of nonsense (on a recent trip, 2 airports required me to remove my laptop, 2 did not, for example).  The idea of getting to the security line, having to strip down, unpack my bags, hand my boarding pass to some people, ID to others (but NOT the other way around) makes me ill.  It is dehumanizing and miserable. There is little-to-no rhyme or reason to the procedures and when I’m at the airport, I get the sense that it’s accomplishing nothing.

Well, I’m right.  A New Jersey man boarded an American Airlines flight from Newark to Miami on Saturday without a ticket.  TSA officials say it’s not their fault, airline execs say that TSA should’ve caught the man.  Regardless, remember this incident the next time you are walking barefoot through security on a freezing day, with your pants creeping down toward your ankles.  It’s all a charade.  (and not the fun kind of charades where there are 3 words, first word sounds like "dog").


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  1. I’ve asked about these discrepencies between airports…TSA says it’s to “keep you guessing”. Mission accomplished.
    My favorite is when they strongly encourage you to take off your shoes – but you know your Nikes won’t set off the alarm. You wear them through the metal detector. They don’t set off the alarm. Then they call for a Secondary Screener because shoe removal IS mandatory. (Wouldn’t it just be easier to tell people to remove their shoes??)

  2. Welcome back, Senor Swanky. If that is your real name.

  3. Si. It is.

  4. Did they evacuate the plane and see if he planted anything on it?

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