Preacher’s Wife Kicked Off Plane

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The story won’t mean much to you unless you are familiar with Joel Osteen, a wildly successful preacher who has been such a following that he holds Sunday services in a former basketball arena in Houston.  Despite the fact that I’m Jewish, I find him mesmerizing to watch.  I’ll flip by his show on Sunday morning and I can’t turn him off.  I have no idea why.  In any case, his wife, whom he frequently mentions in his sermons and is often portrayed in a very, very favorable light, apparently ain’t so nice.  On a Continental flight from Houston to Vail, she (and the rest of the Osteen family) were kicked off the plane after Victoria Osteen found, as we Jews would say, schmutz on her tray table.  She asked a flight attendant to clean it, but the woman was unable to clean it at that moment.  Osteen snapped back, "find me a stewardess who can."  She then pushed a flight attendant and tried to get into the cockpit.  Did I mention that they were in first class?  I should have.  Security or police or someone came on the plane and removed the Osteens (Victoria, Joel and kids) and the flight was delayed 2 hours as their luggage was removed.  Anyway, I’m not sure what the lesson here is, but I’ll be watching this Sunday to find out.

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  1. Erik says:

    Sigh. Where’s a trigger-happy air marshal when you need one? Probably back in coach.

    One hopes the homeless and hungry in Vail were able to endure until the family found another flight.

  2. Jared says:

    Yes, I’m sure they were off to Vail only to do good deeds :)

  3. Bill McGee says:

    Jared, what a great load of gleeful bullshit. Funny, none of the other media had the delicious details that you did. Besides, (because you know this for a fact), saying that Victoria Osteen “isn’t very nice (kind of sounds like you, as a matter fact =), you go on to report that (I’m sure this is straight from the FBI report) that the flight attendant “was unable to clean it at that moment.” Then you say that Mrs. Osteen “snapped” at the flight attendat (no prejudicial choice of words there)and “pushed a flight attendant.” (Really? Once again, I’m sure this was straight from the official FBI report.)Then you say Mrs. Osteen “tried to get into the cockpit.” (Un,huh, I’m so sure. It all sounds so credible and exactly like what would have happened.) Hmmm, if that were the case–if Mrs. Osteen really pushed a flight attendant and tried to get into the cockpit, both of which I’m sure are strictly proscribed by federal law, in these ultra homeland security times you would have thought that the FBI would have had no choice, but to press charges. Which, according to the legitimate media, they did not. Of course, your hatchet job to this point was only prelude to the biggest crime of all — flying first class. Gasp! As we Jews say, gosh, a goyem in first class–that’s just not right. I wonder how many Jews have flown first class in the last year. Just a ballpark figure would be fine for me, but I’m sure I’ll get an exact count from you, since you’re such a stickler for the facts. Maybe you ought to check out a few recent movies, such as Anger Management and Meet the Folks about what can happen to just plain folks on an airline. I know, these were both comedies, but, as we all know, comedy contains more than a kernel of truth. In the former movie, Adam Sandler (he’s Jewish, isn’t he?) plays a meek, mild-mannered young man who by merely making a reasonable request of the flight attendant a couple of times, gets shackled, dragged off the plane by an air marshall and ends up in court for his “felonious” behavior. In the latter movie, Ben Stiller (he’s Jewish, isn’t he?) gets into a screaming, hysterical, (possibly even profane, I don’t remember) shoving match with a flight attendant who’s trying to get him to store his baggage properly. He also ends up being taken off the plane and incarcerated. Hmmmm. So, even though this was fiction, I guess in real life, this stuff happens — possibly even to nice Jewish boys. I’m not in any way claiming the Osteens are above reproach and could not possibly act in an obnoxious manner, as could all human beings. In fact, if you watch the show regularly, as you claim, you would know that Joel frequently points out his own mistakes and erroneous thinking or actions. With charitable intent,I would ask you to examine your own motives in writing this embellished account. I wish all the best for you, including all God’s blessings in every way. Not my God, not your God, but the God that we all are part of.

  4. me says:

    From the local ABC13:
    Eyewitness News she was alerted to the front of the plane when she heard a commotion.

    “She violently ran towards the cockpit, scaring everyone around her,” said passenger Knicky Van Slyke. “Everyone was terrified about what was going on. And a bunch of flight attendants ran up and had to restrain her. She was banging on the door.”

    “Of the cockpit?” we asked.


    The passenger must have been Jewish too.

  5. Bill's Alter Ego says:

    Guess you look pretty ignorant now, huh Bill? See you at the next Focus on the Family seance.

  6. Jeff says:

    To: “Me” and “Bill’s alter-ego”:
    You obviously missed the remaining portion of the ABC local story (of course we all know why you chose to exclude this in your report):

    “The account of the event which has come to our attention is inaccurate and overblown. The misunderstanding was minor and was resolved when Victoria voluntarily removed herself from the situation,”

    Yeah, perhaps she did have a bad day and was a little obnoxious, but don’t blow things out of proportion and make it sound like some scandle. If she really DID show aggression in pursuing the cockpit door, she definately would have been put behind bars, since airport security is extremely tight nowdays. But since nothing like that actually happened, we all know that someone is trying to scandalize the situation with false rumors and blowing things out of proportion.

  7. CB says:

    Bill; get a life.

  8. Wanda Bennett says:

    I pray I don’t loose my faith in Christianity with so many people that should be an example of humility when in reality they will display their a state of anger even in front of her own children in the public eye.
    God have mercy on us. The more we preach the further we are from Jesus way of life. I am so glad I am not a blonde that would demand immediate service of another human being. According to Jesus we are here to serve each other. That is one part Victoria has to learn before she get on the pulpit to preach again.

  9. Valintino says:

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  10. GBfromHouston says:

    Not that I care that much, but didn’t the OFFICIAL FBI report say that they were asked to leave? And didn’t the OFFICIAL spokesperson for the Osteen’s say that it was their own descision to leave? Maybe I’m just missing something, but doesn’t somebody HAVE to be lying since those two statements conflict? As far as motives go, the FBI would have no reason to lie on a simple report like this, they get plenty a day. I should know, my dad’s the security administrator for the airport. And there have been plenty of times the FBI has chosen not to press charges, they’re not that uncommon. On the other hand, the Osteens might really want to save face if they have 30 to 40 thousand followers a week. And if they lied about that part of the incident, then what would keep them from lying about other parts. And why would a non-involved third party (the eyewitness) have a reason to make up a story like that? I do watch Joel Osteen fairly frequently, and you’re right, he does present himself as a humble person who makes mistakes. BUT, he’s not exactly the one who’s ‘on trial’ here…

  11. ajones says:

    It saddens me as to how much attention is being placed on this incident; Did she really run to the back? Can you really run in an airplane? Tell me again how many people needed to restrain her? And not to sound sarcastic but mmmmm the officials they never lie??? Anyway- GOD knows what really happened–I would be scared for anyone who lied under oath swearing on the Holy BIBLE-Everyone knows where liers go???

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