Air India Flight’s 45 Hour Delay

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Here’s a little tale to keep in mind when your flight home this weekend is delayed for an hour:

An Air India flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt was delayed 45 hours (yes, 45 hours), causing a bit of pissed-offedness  by (understandably) angry passengers.  (Wire stories about this mention a "revolt" by passengers, but the stories don’t actually mention any revolt). The first plane they were on took off, but quickly returned to LAX because of mechanical difficulties.  They then waited a day for another plane to be flown in, but after they boarded the engines on the plane wouldn’t start.  However, passengers were kept on board the hot plane for five hours.  Without drinks.  The plane finally returned to the gate, sending passengers to a hotel at 2:30 in the morning.  As you might imagine, though, a 747’s worth of passengers might overwhelm a hotel clerk a 2:30 in he morning.  If you imagined that, then you can imagine the scene at the hotel.  The flight, which was then re-scheduled to take off at 1pm the next day, finally left at 4:30. 

Of all of that, the 5 hours on the rather hot Air India 747 would’ve done me in.

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  1. air india sucks says:

    The bottom line is air india sucks, they have always sucked. They are extremly incompetent when it comes to customer service and managing flight delays. Just read some of the reviews online. Hope they go out of business soon or get privatized.

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