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22 Year Old Strips for Ticket Home at Cancun Airport

A 22-year-old Lithuanian tourist ran out of cash in Cancun without a ticket home.  So she did what anyone in that situation would do, she went to the airport and decided to strip for money (I apologize that the story is in Spanish, but I can’t find any English-language version of this—see the comments section below for the translation.).  Fortunately (or unfortunately) she was stopped before she really got into it, and was taken into custody by police.  Turns out, and you’re going to be shocked by this, she was under the influence of drugs at the time.

No word on whether she eventually made it home…

How was the story not picked up by the press?  There must be a conspiracy…


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  1. A rough googlized English version:

  2. Ouch, that is very, very, very rough. I’m hardly fluent in Spanish, but I’m one step ahead of google translations. Here’s (roughly) what the article says:

    Vera Tulukasova, a Lithuanian tourist, was arrested in Cancun’s airport after stripping in hopes of raising cash to buy an airplane ticket.

    The 22 year old, “began taking off her clothes in front of onlookers, ” explained a janitor who witnessed the event.

    Tulukasova atempted to get money from spectators, but was detained by airport personnel who basically said “nothing to see here, please disperse.”

    According to authorities, the woman was found to be under the influence of drugs.

    Although the woman was not able to get a ticket home, she was able to get the attention of onlookers. (It actually says “her curves” got the attention of onlookers—ay carumba!)

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