Mechanic Killed by Continental Airlines Jet Engine

A mechanic working for Continental Airlines was killed in a grizzly accident at El Paso Airport when he was sucked into the engine of a parked 737.  Investigators are trying to determine how the incident occurred but, incredibly, a Boeing spokesperson says that this type of accident has happened before.


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  1. My deepest sympathies to the friends & loved ones of this fallen comrade….As a career airline A&P mechanic I can’t help wonder what factors/pressures influenced this tragedy. I suffered first hand the US aviation industry’s major declines. The downward spiral began around 1990, over the decade, employee seniority, pay/compensation & benefits all but evaporated due to a combination of inevitable competition & big business/corporate greed. Additionally, management pressure to make a buck(get the plane out on time) were constantly pitted against the mechanic’s devotion/responsibility to safety. Nationwide, most local dealership car mechanics have more job security, higher pay, better health care/vacation/retirement & shift schedules than aircraft mechanics AND by comparison….NO liability! This has caused a high percentage of the most skilled individuals to leave the airline industry & no doubt swayed many others from choosing such a career path. Obviously, this “dilution” of competence threatens to eventually result in various forms of incidents & accidents. The sad part is how slowly things like this get rectified.

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