JetBlue to Portland, Maine

JetBlue February 23 2006 4 Comments

Good news for travelers in Portland, Maine:  With Independence Air going the way of the dodo bird, you’ve been left without low fare service.  Those days are numbered.  JetBlue announced 4 times daily service to JFK beginning in May.  The good news?  Fares start at $59 each way, rather than the current $149 each way, with top fares only hitting $149.   

4 Responses on “JetBlue to Portland, Maine”

  1. Matson says:

    Any indication as to whether JetBlue will be flying their new Embraers on this route? What about any other small Northeast markets? I read a while back that Albany was trying to get Jetblue. Maybe Hartford, Providence or Manchester will be next…

  2. Jared says:

    They are apparently not flying the Embraers on this route.

  3. Tim says:

    We need Jet Blue out of either Hartford or Providence, now that Song is no longer, and Delta doesn’t have nonstop flights or low price fares, I’ve been checking. Please Jet Blue, save us!

  4. M. Pashko says:

    I flew Jet Blue Airlines for the first time and it was great! I liked the price and the ease I could change my flight for an earlier one on my way home. There were only two things I would complain about.
    1. My luggage was lost at JFK and it has yet to be found. I have not heard anything from the airline yet either. It has been almost a week now. There is no website to check on this matter either.
    2. I had to come up to Portland to get this flight. I wonder if and when Jet Blue will be coming to Manchester, New Hampshire Airport?

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