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Venezuela May Cancel Flights from US

Venezuela’s government has announced (sorry, Spanish only…too lazy to translate) that they have cancelled all of Delta’s and Continental’s flights from the US to Caracas beginning March 1.  Most of American Airlines’ flights are affected as well (though not the flights from Puerto Rico).  As you may know, the US is in a bit of a pissing match with the Venezuelan government over oh-so-many issues.  This probably stems from the US refusing to allow Venezuelan airlines to fly to the US on safety grounds.  The affected airlines are still showing the flights as available after March 1st, so the governments may be negotiating.


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  1. Things would be different if the US would start recognizing that the rest of the world does not tick like they do, and that they have absolutely no intention do change that.

  2. Looks like this will come into effect after March 30th according to ATW…

  3. If St.Clair knew anything about Hugo Chavez and the opression that has decended upon Venezuela, he/she would understand that this is about far more than making the rest of the world in the “US mold”. Believe me, I am a frequent traveler to Venezuela and I can assure you that the country has lost freedom disturbingly fast and is a much different place than it was 5 years ago. Free speech is not permitted and criticizing the government (especially the presidency) is now an imprisonable offense. The place has fallen economically, is now covered with red paint and propaganda, and has more violence than ever before. As most offenders are Chavez’ constituents, nothing is done. As someone who was robbed at gunpoint there last year, I know a bit about the topic.

    Why don’t you actually do some research and talk to Venezuelans before coming to the PC, knee-jerk response that everything is the US’ fault? You might learn something…..

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