Passenger Kicked Off Plane for Cell Phone Use

A passenger was kicked off a Japan Airlines flight today because he refused to stop using his cell phone to send emails while the plane was taxiing.  Oh, then he grabbed a flight attendant and spat at her.  That also might have had something to do with it.  The plane returned to the gate and was delayed an hour.  And then, for god knows what reason, they let him back on the plane after he promised to stop using his cell phone (no word on whether he promised to stop spitting at staff).

In other Japan Airlines news, the carrier apologized for serving kids meals containing beef from the United States, despite Japan’s ban on US beef due to mad cow disease.  Don’t worry, you won’t die:  the meals, which were only served on flights from Guam, were changed in January to remove the US beef.  What?  You live in the US and eat beef all the time?  You’re screwed.

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