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Air Canada has introduced a variety of passes (only available to Canadians, so choose the Air Canada Canadian site for details) that offer a set number of flights for a discounted price.  Today, the airline has announced the Spring Sample Pass, which offers flight passes for as low as CDN$99 (US$85) per flight.

Air Canada has introduced some pretty innovative fare concepts in the past couple of years, including a major overhaul of its regular pricing to offer only a handful of fares on each flight.  However, in both that initiative and in this pass program, they have made the restrictions somewhat complicated.  By "somewhat" I mean "extremely."  (For extra credit, explain the difference between the 5 fare classes, paying special attention to the differences between "Latitude" class and "Tango Plus."  See here for the details.)

Basically, the $99-per-flight pass is available for flights within Western Canada on 4 offpeak days per week.  Other passes allow you to fly within or between other regions either 4 days a week or 7 days a week (all of this is explained at  There are some restrictions on earning frequent flyer points, but the restrictions are so long that I can’t be bothered to figure them out.

That all said, most of the passes are a pretty good deal, but pay attention to the fine print.  Even so, I applaud their innovative thinking.

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  1. Air Canada changed their international luggage allowances in the New Year. Leaving your wonderful country is always a wrench, but this time it cost me an extra $30!

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