Northwest Airlines to Charge for Exit Row Seats

The days of scoring an exit row seat for free are coming to an end:  Northwest Airlines announced that it will begin charging $15 to book exit row and other desirable seats in the coach cabin of its flights.  The consumer part of me considers this to be pure evil, taking away one of the few joys of coach airline travel.  But the business part of me understands that this is one of the few aspects of coach travel that airlines CAN charge for; and why shouldn’t they take advantage of that?  I’m going to side with the business side of me.  This is a great idea (though one that smaller airlines, including Allegiant Air, have implemented recently), and I fully expect other airlines to start their own program like this soon.  Bye bye exit rows.

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  1. As a consumer, I welcome this. You see, I really like aisle seats, but I can’t always get them. But if other people are disuaded by the $15 fee, it will increase the chances of me getting an aisle seat.

    I would rather pay $15 for an aisle seat than get a middle seat for free.

    Or, looked at another way, this is equivalent to a $15 discount for the middle and aisle seats (off a higher base fare). One man’s premium is another’s sale…

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