Cubana and Aeroflot Order New Aircraft

Just a small piece of news:  Although Northwest Airlines continues (correctly) to rely on its 35 year old DC-9s, both Aeroflot and Cubana announced orders for new airplanes this week.  Aeroflot will replace its Russian-built Tupolev 154Ms with Airbus A320s.  Cubana, not known for their safety or service, will replace some of its aging Soviet fleet with new Russian Ilyushin Il-96s and Tupolev Tu-204s.  Fidel Castro, meanwhile, has been flying around in a 30 year old  IL-62, an airplane that has been banned from landing in many countries because of its pitiful safety record.

In any case, I only brought this up because it’s somewhat amusing that certain US airlines cannot afford new airplanes, while Cubana and Aeroflot are replacing their fleets.

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  1. The Il-62 is not so bad.. also, not just Castro, but Putin, President of Russia, has a couple of those in its presidential fleet.

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