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Spirit Airlines: $8 Each Way from New York to Cancun (Other Cities, too)

Spirit Airlines is having another one of their Ryanair-like sales, putting a bunch of cities on sale for $8 each way (unlike Ryanair, these fares are only available on a handful of days).  However, they do tell you which days are available.  You can get these crazy fares from New York to Cancun, Detroit to San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale to Nassau, and lots of other cities.  Good luck!

Bangladesh to Get Low Fare Service

Malaysia’s low cost juggernaut AirAsia is entering into a joint venture in Bangladesh to form the new lowfare carrier Air East Asia.  I really only mention this to show that the low fare model is now reaching areas that never thought they’d see low cost air travel (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil, to name a couple).  The majors in the US have a massive problem ahead of them, despite the fact that they think the worst is over.  It’s not.  Low fare carriers on flights under 6 hours will thrive, and unless US majors get their premium class service up to the levels of Emirates, Virgin and Cathay Pacific, we’ll all be flying Air Tran or even AirAsia US sooner rather than later.

Why You Can’t Take the Subway to LaGuardia Airport

If you live in New York or have visited here, you may have wondered why there was no subway from LaGuardia to Manhattan.  Are we the largest city in the world without train service from the airport to the city?  Perhaps…

Anyway, here’s why:  New York’s Transit Authority had earmarked $600 million to connect LaGuardia to Manhattan but after 9/11, those plans were put on hold.  However, lots of people got their hands on the money.  So now, instead of convenient train service to the airport, we’re getting a commuter train station at Yankee Stadium and a bus depot in Staten Island.  It’ll make more sense if you read the story.

Cheap Fares to Helsinki, Finland

SAS is offering great fares from New York or Chicago to Helsinki (and other cities in Finland) this summer.  Round trip fares in May and August are $600 and $660 for June and July.  Helsinki is beautiful in the summer and it’s close to the cheap ‘n’ fun party-fest in Tallinn, Estonia.  Have fun.

Danish Supermodel May Andersen Arrested on Plane

Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model May Andersen was arrested after she attacked a flight attendant on a Martinair flight from Amsterdam to Miami.  No word on what set her off, but I imagine she’ll be pretty pissed off when she sees the photo on the page I linked to.  In any case, the government is holding her without bail at Miami-Dade County Jail.

Standing Room Only Seats?

The NY Times has a disturbing article reporting that Airbus is considering a version of its A380 with standing room seats.  Yes, seats where you cannot sit down.  In theory, this would only be available on short-hop flights in, for example, Japan (Japanese airlines currently deny interest in these scheme).  Unsettling, yes?  The article also notes (and this won’t shock you) that airlines are squeezing more seats in coach these days. 

On a positive note, the Airline Interior Expo is going on right now and airlines are showing off what first class flying will be like in the future (read: lots of space, lots of electronic gadgets).  The gap between the haves and the have-nots will keep growing on planes (just as it does everywhere else).  Thanks to Engadget and travelnate for the heads up.

JetBlue Posts Loss, Will Sell Aircraft

After posting an expected loss for the quarter, JetBlue announced that it will defer delivery of 12 airplanes and sell between 2 and 5 of their current aircraft.  This is a huge change for the once-high-flying company that took the bold step of ordering a large number of planes just a couple of years ago.  I do have to admire them for making changes quickly.  Larger carriers have tended to spiral downward for quite a while before bothering to make drastic changes.  In addition to these capacity reductions, JetBlue is raising fares and cutting costs to stem the tide of red ink.  The fare increases have been siginficant — something you’ve probably noticed if you’ve tried to book a flight with them from the east coast to Florida or California.  Those $59 fares to Fort Lauderdale are gone, as are the $99 fares to LA.  Good for them, bad for us.

New Flights to Greenland (?)

Have your plans to visit Greenland been thwarted because there are no nonstop flights from the US?  Well, you won’t be able to use that excuse anymore (feel free to use all of the other excuses).  Beginning in May 2007 (yes, 1 year from now), Air Greenland will introduce nonstop service from Kangerlussuaq (say that 5 times fast) to Baltimore during the summer months.  God knows how much that’s going to cost, but I believe it will be the first scheduled non-military service to Greenland from the US.  Be there or be square.

Taiwan? Taiyuan? Same Difference?

Thanks to the OTR reader who passed along one of the crazier travel mix-up stories I’ve seen.  An American business traveller on the way to Taiwan is mistakenly booked to Taiyuan, China, where he’s forced to sleep in a brothel.  Perhaps that will make sense if you read the story here.

American Airlines Gives Away 20,000 Tickets to Mavericks Fans

American Airlines gave away 20,000 tickets to fans who attended the Dallas Mavericks’ last game of the season last night (it’s actually 19,000 people at the game and 1,000 in a related promotion).  Pretty cool — fans didn’t learn about the free tickets until they arrived at the game.  There is one catch, though:  the tickets are only good for nonstop flights from Dallas-Love Field.  Don’t book that hotel in Hawaii just yet.  The tickets are good through November from Love to Austin, San Antonio, Kansas City and St. Louis.