Airline CEO: French Are “Lazy Frogs”

The CEO of British low-cost carrier twice publicly called the French "lazy frogs" after two incidents caused the delays of his company’s airplanes.  French air traffic controllers staged a work stoppage last week causing delays to French flights, and this week a demonstration by 50 students caused the closing of a runway at the airport in the French town of Chambery.  After the air traffic controller incident he said it was time for the "lazy frogs to get back to work." 

While the British will laugh this off as a humorous dig at the French, I can only imagine what would happen in the US if an airline CEO were to make a demeaning comment about people from another country.  Ugh.

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  1. The CEO of said the truth.

    That’s why no one reacted. If you lived and worked in Europe like I do, you would completely understand.

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