Internal American Airlines Website Briefly Opened to Public, an internal website of American Airlines, was briefly opened to the public last week as a result of a security glitch, providing some details about American that would be interested to airline nerds like me (and yourself–let’s be honest).  You can read the linked article for the details, but if you were wondering, the airline removed lobster from a salad plate and replaced it with "another seafood protein" (aka, shrimp, though "Another Seafood Protein" is a great band name) as a cost cutting measure.  Yes, it’s that level of details.  Oh, and if you were still hungry after your meal?  Turns out you are allowed to get a second one.  Who knew?

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  1. Actually only the main seafood dish was changed to shrimp. The appetizer was changed to the aforementioned and still undefined “Another Seafood Protein”

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