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What Information Is Actually On Your Boarding Pass?

The Guardian has a crazy story about what people can find out about you from the stub of your boarding pass.  If you care about your privacy, you’re not going to be happy about this.  The reporter found a discarded boarding stub and was able to learn pretty much everything about the guy.  In his words:

We logged on to the [British Airways] website, bought a ticket in [the passenger's] name and
then, using the frequent flyer number on his boarding pass stub,
without typing in a password, were given full access to all his
personal details – including his passport number, the date it expired,
his nationality (he is Dutch, living in the UK) and his date of birth.
The system even allowed us to change the information.

Using this
information and surfing publicly available databases, we were able -
within 15 minutes – to find out where Broer lived, who lived there with
him, where he worked, which universities he had attended and even how
much his house was worth when he bought it two years ago.


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  1. Not to mention codes on the passes that show that you’ll be given more stringent screening. Unless that’s changed since I saw it on local news.

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