Plane Lands at Wrong Airport

A Spanair flight from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain landed instead at Sevilla 400 miles away in the south of Spain.  It’s possible that the pilots typed SVQ (Sevilla’s airport code) into their computers instead of SCQ, the correct code.  Either way, it’s not the first time this has happened — a Northwest flight landed at the wrong airport in South Dakota a little while back, and a similar thing happened on a Shuttle America flight in Pennsylvania.  D’oh!

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  1. For some literary perspective on the C/V typographical snafu, I offer this: In one of Encyclopedia Brown’s many adventures, he once solved a mystery by deducing that poor typing was leading authorities in the wrong direction. The thieves had not, as most people thought, “split open the cat,” but instead, a nearby vat. Perhaps of acid. I can’t remember.

    In any event, Sally Kimball’s passions went once again unrequited.

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