Aer Lingus Passengers Get, Uh, Water?

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For the unnecessary press release pile:  Aer Lingus breathlessly announced today that its customers will board their aircraft and find water at their seats.  Says some guy quoted in the release, "The new security processes are
important for overall safety. If we can ease the hassle
just a bit by
having water ready for each customer then the restriction
on carrying
liquids becomes a bit easier to take."

Yes.  Because of terrorism, Aer Lingus will give you water.  God bless those people.

7 Responses on “Aer Lingus Passengers Get, Uh, Water?”

  1. Harry says:

    Can I just point out that no US carrier has announced that they will give you water in anything larger than a 4oz cup.

  2. iahphx says:

    Yeah, I agree you’re being too harsh on Aer Lingus. When I travel, particularly with the kids, I usually carry a water bottle with me. Since the TSA is now taking that away, it would be pleasant to find a bottle of water on my seat when I get on the plane.

    Not sure this would make anyone fly Aer Lingus, but I give them kudos for at least thinking of passenger comfort.

  3. Me says:

    I agree, jared is a dick.

  4. Jared says:

    I suck.

  5. iahphx says:

    Wouldn’t these later comments be more appropriate in the context of the “penis pump” story? :

  6. Jared says:

    An excellent point. This story has been, uh, blown out of proportion.

  7. Avi Greengart says:

    I’m in the “what’s wrong with Jared” group on this one. I’ve flown four times since the ban on liquids, and I generally love the new restrictions: there’s overhead space again! and security lines are actually moving faster with fewer people taking stuff into the cabin. However, there are often long delays on the ground before takeoff, and beverage service doesn’t start until the plane is cruising. I told anyone who’d listen to me on those four flights that the first airline to raise prices by $1 across the board and put a little bottle of water on the seat would win big. I sort of assumed it would be Jet Blue or maybe even Continental, but Aer Lingus will do.


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