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Dead Guy Rides 1,000 Miles on Amtrak

Sep 13th, 2006 | By

Not an airline story, but I thought it made sense here:  A woman travelling on Amtrak with her elderly father to Chicago did not bother to tell authorities that he had died somewhere in Colorado.  Instead, she waited 23 hours until the train pulled into Chicago where the man lived.  Why’d she sit next to her dead father for a full day on the train?  To save the money of shipping him home.  In a strange way, it doesn’t seem that odd.  If you’ve ever taken a long-distance train you’re probably thinking that he wasn’t the strangest passenger on there….

(Thanks to Dan Pastanchiz for the heads up)

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  1. In a twisted way, the woman’s decision made economic sense. If she had told somebody, what would they have done? My guess is offload her and her dad in the next podunk town where she would have had to make difficult and expensive transportation arrangements for herself and the body. What would that have accomplished? I’ve heard that if you die on a cruise ship (not that uncommon given the clientele) they stick you in a freezer until the ship returns home. I’m sure Amtrak doesn’t have such equipment. The only part of the story which doesn’t make sense is her comment that she couldn’t afford to ship the body home. If she was in an Amtrak sleeper, she paid considerable money for her ticket. This is the kind of story far more likely to occur in the regular pax rail cars.

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