Venezuelan Foreign Minister in Scuffle at JFK

As if US-Venezuelan relations weren’t bad enough, US officials detained Venezuelan’s foreign minister at JFK airport for about 90 minutes on Saturday and threatened him with a strip search.  The incident occurred when the diplomat showed up late at the airport without a ticket.  This prompted him to be pulled aside for additional security checks.  He was not happy about this.  A bit of a disagreement ensued, and depending on whom you believe, he was told to go to another room for a strip search, or he was told he needed additional screening.

Either way, the minister said he responded with, "the
dignity of Venezuelan revolutionaries … with strength,” Maduro told
reporters at Venezuela’s mission to the U.N. “It’s a Nazi government, a
racist government.”

The US has since apologized for the incident.

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  1. Did the officials says the “devil” made them do it?

  2. Did the officials says the “devil” made them do it?

  3. I’m sure el diablo was somehow involved :)

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